Economic News – Don’t Allow it to Affect Your Mindset

Everyday I make an extremely important choice when it comes to filtering all the info and news that I absorb, and I most definitely suggest that everyone do the exact same thing. After all, the more mainstream media has their job to do, and that job is to get all of us to absorb the news that they create for us. I believe that the majority would definitely side with me in my thinking that the mainstream media wants to sell us all on the sad stories and the impending doom. They don’t particularly want us to hear all about the great things that occur in our world’s and our country’s economy.

That’s not to say there isn’t bad stuff that’s going on out there. There certainly is. And they can definitely affect your business, but if you make the decision not to absorb all of that negative news you’re going to have an easier time absorbing the good news. As a result, your mindset will be affected in an excellent way.

warta ekonomi, don’t listen to the news from the cable guys and the networks. Seen the Headlines from the prominent papers? Small wonder that they’re also going out of business. Keep an eye on what you read and what you allow yourself to listen to. Absorb the good news thats out there. Like, for example, all of the success stories you can find in syndicated news that is focused on entrepreneurs. Places like Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Inc. Entrepreneur, and Fortune Small Business, for example, are great places to get your news.

We all have options in how we set our filters when it comes to what sorts of information and news we take in each day. We can set our filters to get rid of all the junk and only let in the good stuff. We can choose to hang out with successful, cheery, and positive entrepreneurs who are continuing to be successful and growing all the time despite the current bad in the economy. If you position yourself properly you too, can grow in our current environment. There is just so many amazing success stories and great opportunities today to start and grow businesses. All it takes is proper focus and a positive outlook.

Make the decision to be positive and you’ll see some amazing things happen.



Economic News – The Hype Versus the Reality

No wonder most people don’t understand the economy. Often what might seem good on one hand, has bad side effects on the other. For example, the stock market rises- one would think that was good! But that was mostly due to the rising price of oil- bad news. But, often the price of oil rises because the “experts” believe the economy is improving and thus more oil will be needed in production- good news! But that rise in oil prices causes the cost of living to increase- bad news. But that helps the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)- good news! But that then causes inflation- bad news. But that inflation means the economy is improving- good news! But then the Fed becomes concerned about inflation and raises interest rates- bad news! Which causes the value of the dollar to improve- good news! But that hurts exports because now American products cost more overseas- bad news! But that means foreign products cost less in the US- good news! But that hurts American companies competitiveness- bad news!

If we think that political analysis and political chatter is often more hype than anything else, the same can certainly be said about analyzing economic news! You can readily see why warta ekonomi often seems co confusing. Economic news often seems confusing because it is – – what is good for one consumer, might be bad for another- what is good for one company, bad for another- what might be good for one sector of economy- bad for others.

The stock market is often the most confusing. On days when there is “bad news,” the market often goes up, while on some “good news” days, the market sometimes goes down! While the Dow, or the S&P, etc., might go up, it does not mean that the stock(s) you own, will follow suit.

Too often, for the sake of a sound-byte, the media tries to over-simplify economic news. Yet the economy is by definition quite complex. The one issue there should be some agreement on is that high unemployment is not good. Yet even in that case, the “experts” can’t agree upon, nor act upon a viable solution.

The best way to think about the economy is this– the difference between a recession and a depression is that it’s a recession when it happens to someone else– it’s a depression when it happens to you!

It is my belief that a healthy economy requires certain factors to be in place – – low joblessness; high consumer confidence; a strong manufacturing sector; and reduced government deficits. That is what we must demand!