The Success Factor: Does the Most Talented Singer Win American Idol?

If you are a fan of ‘American Idol’, or just a casual observer, you may wonder whether the system for choosing the final winner really selects the most talented performer.

‘American Idol’ is the popular TV phenomenon, and spin-off of the U.K. reality series called ‘Pop Idol’. The goal of this show is to find the BEST undiscovered talent in the U.S. and reward them with a recording contract from one of the BMG record labels (a company owned by the producer of the ‘American سایت ولف بت television show).

But, does this show produce the most talented, most deserving singer at the end of the season?

Before you answer that question, consider all the variables that affect who goes on to appear on the next week’s ‘American Idol’ show, and who, ultimately, becomes the singer to take home the coveted ‘American Idol’ prize (the recording contract).

Let’s start with the early auditions. These are held in selected cities across the United States. If you don’t live in one of those cities, you are not likely to get to audition (so we’ve cut out quite a few talented people in that first selection).

Secondly, a panel looks at thousands of people who line up in the convention center in the city selected for an audition visit. This panel chooses contestants based on singing ability AND on human interest and novelty, or humor.

This selection is designed to make the early audition shows more interesting, funny and entertaining so that people won’t turn off the TV before the competition gets to the finalists. THEN, producers choose a certain number of contestants to appear before the judges.

This is the FIRST time the ‘American Idol’ judges have seen any of these contestants, and already there may be many talented people left in the dust in favor of someone who is SO bad that the ‘American Idol’ TV audience may find them humorous and like to watch them for that reason.

After all the city auditions are completed, auditions are held in Hollywood and a final selection is made for the initial shows. Although the age limit was raised in the fourth season, the age limitation is still below age 30, so many very talented contestants are ruled out based on age alone. This is because MOST of the ‘American Idol’ viewers are young and the producers don’t feel that an older contestant would be interesting to a younger viewer.